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“The high school I worked in had the great honor of a visit from this filmmaker, Elmer Hawkes, and the Film Seminar, Music and World Studies, World Lit students loved his DVDs as well. Their questions reflected their engagement and he shared some of his travel experiences with them. The window of his world has opened mine.”

Mom in NH, daughter in Philly

“The series is visually stunning–beautiful photos of people. I think of that famous collection, The Family of Man. And the music is marvelous, a perfect accompaniment to the photography. I hope they are widely seen. I can imagine them as great educational tools for American kids who are deprived of so much knowledge of other continents.”

Howard Zinn, Historian

School Library Journal

“If Tibetan culture is disappearing as rapidly as historians predict, (this film) may be a unique record of the country and an indication of how Nepalese, Chinese and Western influences have changed Tibet more rapidly in the last sixty years than in the previous six hundred.”

MaryAnn Karre, Horace Mann Elementary School, Binghamton, NY

“More of a travelogue than an instructional program, it (Worlds Together Ethiopia) is divided into visits to five cities that show the diversity of the region... serving as an introductory to upper elementary or middle grades to spur further enquiry.”

School Library Journal

Ethiopia is a tremendous film, a virtual feast for the eyes. This is a much appreciated educational movie that keeps one's interest throughout its entirety.”

Carol on Amazon

“One of the best educational films about other countries that I have seen. It was made to appeal to both young and older audiences.

Inspired by Savannah

Worlds Together West Africa skillfully blends educational information with stunning photography. You'll feel like you're traveling yourself through the cities of West Africa. If you are unsure about this DVD I highly recommend the preview available on YouTube.

James, on Amazon

Elmer Hawkes' film Worlds Together Ecuador is a feast for the eyes, spanning the country's lush rain forest to its teeming vibrant cities. The musical accompaniment and strong narration round out this wonderful journey. A must for schools!

Carol, on Amazon

“My students were wide-eyed with wonder”

Irene Diamond, Elementary school teacher, Winchester, MA

“Elmer Hawkes' Ethiopia is a virtual trip to a land full of history and mystery. The film shows us a beautiful country, full of vibrant color and fantastic mountains and boasting an existence which dates back to the beginning of creation. Definitely, an interesting film which will maintain children's attention.

Mama T, on Amazon

“Elmer Hawkes touches our hearts with this wonderful DVD exploring Ethiopia. The joys and struggles of the Ethiopian people are presented quite well. The photography is magnificent. Highlyrecommended!

Lakeside James, on Amazon

“Smiling faces of Ethiopians of all ages open this well-shot title in the impressive new Worlds Together Series.”


“The stunning photography and captivating music in the background over 25 engaging minutes help to show just how colorful the nation is in its dress, physical geography, etc.”

Yahoo Voices

“The climate, resources, history, and culture of Cuba are explored in this nicely shot instructional program, a new title in the ongoing Worlds Together series. Voice-over narration describes the plight of the native people, who were nearly wiped out by smallpox brought by invading explorers. The Spanish and African influences on regional food, music, and religion are also discussed...”

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Nappa AwardThe Worlds Together films were selected as a 2012 NAPPA Gold Winner – National Parenting Publications awards.

Some titles are available in Spanish:
Cuba, Ecuador and Colombia