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The Songs of Elmer Hawkes

Album CoverAs performed by...
Lui Collins Greg Greenway John Lincoln Wright Kathy Phipps Maria Sangiolo Jim Henry Barrence Whitfield Dewey Burns Northern Lights Elmer Hawkes

  1. Making My Own Way By Kathy Phipps
  2. If You've Got The Curves, I've Got The Nerves Jim Henry
  3. Wild Winds On The County Line Lui Collins
  4. Albuquerque's Under Siege Barrence Whitfield
  5. Nearer To Morning Than Midnight Greg Greenway & Kathy Phipps
  6. The Ballad of Tin Pan Slim John Lincoln Wright
  7. When Love was on Your Side Maria Sangiolo
  8. The Last Official Prisoner of War Lui Collins
  9. In The Light of Thy Grace Maria Sangiolo
  10. Loving Her One More Time Before You Go Barrence Whitfield
  11. Pull Away Slowly From The Old Place Lui Collins
  12. Blow That Lead Taylor Amerding & Northern Lights
  13. You Could Almost Be Anywhere Elmer Hawkes
  14. The Man Who Built Carnegie Hall Lui Collins
  15. Our Man In Havana Dewey Burns
  16. Say Hello To The Old Man Maria Sangiolo
  17. So Long Mr. Bones The Entourage
  18. Crossing The Equator Elmer Hawkes & Jim Henry
  19. Won't You Please Call Me Back Rupert Murdock John Lincoln Wright
  20. The Lights Of Carlisle Elmer Hawkes

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Album Cover

A stage musical
Original cast recording

  1. Overture/Benedictus
  2. Better See You In Some Other World Below
  3. Better Days (Intro)
  4. Pope Of Fools
  5. Alchemy
  6. Making My Own Way By
  7. Guilty
  8. For The Holidays
  9. Philosopher Of The Streets
  10. All The Thieves In France
  11. Streets Of Paris
  12. Made Of Stone Like You
  13. So Far Away From You
  14. Better Days
  15. Requiem/Sanctuary!
  16. Sinfonia/Entr'acte (Making My Own Way By,
    Made of Stone Like You, Nearer to Morning Than Midnight)
  17. One Honest Man
  18. The Silence Of The Dawn
  19. Sanctuary! (reprise)
  20. The Sachette's Tale
  21. A Star In One Man's Universe
  22. Nearer To Morning Than Midnight
  23. Graveyard Scene

New for 2021: Elmer's latest album, Havana Farewell, is available now on all the major streaming services including Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, Pandora, TikTok and Spotify.

You may also stream or download Havana Farewell free of charge on Google Drive. Check it out now!

Instructions: On Google Drive, double click on Havana Farewell (Video Album).mp4 to stream, right click to download (229.5 Mb).

Havana Farewell

When skies turn to silver and grey and days are slipping away

Along the causeway as lovers line the shore

When songs drift away in the breeze down from the old balconies

Something could be in the air


And so you and I had to learn, that past the point of return

Everything slips away and although nights soft and warm as a kiss

Put us under a spell, they only left us with this Havana Farewell

When waves crash with hardly a sound along the sea walls of town

Splashing over the main streets just like rain

When kids from the playgrounds and hills cry out as they will

You might hear them from anywhere

And so you and I had to learn, that past the point of return

Everything slips away and although nights soft and warm as a kiss

Put us under a spell

They only left us with this Havana Farewell

If only you were wild and free and if you truly understood

That I'd have crossed that raging sea had I quite believed you ever would

Come here where the oceans awaits, dreams thrown to the fates

And fishermen toil upon the sea

Where waves crash the sea walls and break and villagers wake

To all possibility